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Make access to capital predictable and easy for your franchisees

Your playbook addresses operations, supply chain, marketing and more. Financing should be no different. What your brand needs is a financial partner you can count on — a one-stop resource where you can send your franchisees and know that they are in good hands.

The franchise finance partner you’ve been waiting for

ApplePie Capital focuses on long-term, sustainable success for you and your franchisees. It’s not just about transactions, it’s about getting exactly the right capital for your franchisees’ needs and delivering it in the most efficient way possible.

We offer innovative growth-oriented capital through our ApplePie Core loans that you won’t find anywhere else, as well as traditional SBA and conventional options from our diverse network of lenders. Whatever your franchisees need, we’ve got them covered.

We provide efficient financing to:
  • Open new units
  • Acquire existing units
  • Remodel existing units
  • Refinance existing debt
  • Recapitalize performing units
  • Purchase or lease equipment

Why Franchisors ApplePie

Access & Choice

We actively manage competitive financing options from numerous capital sources to find best fit financing options for all franchisees, from first timers to multi-unit developers.

Growth Oriented Approach

We’ve specifically designed our ApplePie Core loan product to optimize for growth, and provide each franchisee with a plan to achieve their growth targets.

Custom Financing Programs

We consult with you to understand your brand and develop custom programs and products to meet the unique needs of your business model.

ApplePie Guided Growth™

Growth planning for you and your franchisees

The number one issue impacting franchisee expansion is access to liquidity. Most franchisees aren't equipped with the expertise to properly value and leverage their personal and business equity, and pledge too much to secure their first or second location.

ApplePie Guided Growth™ creates liquidity for your franchisees and provides them with a growth plan that supports your desired development schedule.

Our experienced franchise finance team works with each of your franchisees to develop a custom financial roadmap that maximizes the liquidity essential to open units on schedule, with multi-unit commitments that provide certainty of funding throughout their rollout. We then provide you with feedback so you can more effectively predict your brand’s growth.

Step 1
Get your brand approved for ApplePie Guided Growth™

Connect with us to qualify your brand, and we then tailor a growth program that fits your model and pace of development.

Step 2
Refer franchisees to the program

Share details of the program with franchisees who are key to your growth in the coming years.

Step 3
Custom financing plans and capital for your franchisees

We work with franchisees to understand their goals and create a funding plan for their entire rollout with efficient and flexible capital.

Step 4
Get actionable insights into your development schedule

Understand whether your franchisees’ access to growth capital is collectively aligned with your brand’s projections.

"As a franchise owner, we chose ApplePie Capital because they listened, offered us a lot of options, and helped us plan our multi-unit rollout. They helped us find the best terms possible for all of our financial needs. Without ApplePie, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Robb Sackett, Multi-Unit Franchisee
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