Sep 17, 2019

ApplePie Capital Signs Strategic Partnership with LSQ Funding to Bring Efficient Accounts Receivable Financing to Franchising

ApplePie Capital, the first and only online lender dedicated to franchising, today announced a new strategic partnership with LSQ Funding Group, a leading technology-enabled provider of accounts receivable financing for small and mid-sized businesses.

The partnership enables ApplePie to offer efficient accounts receivable financing and outsourced accounts receivable management to franchise businesses across the U.S.

"We are always looking for new ways to help franchise businesses grow," said Denise Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of ApplePie. "For franchise concepts that cater to business customers, processing invoices and waiting 30-90 days or more for them to get paid can really inhibit growth. We are thrilled to partner with LSQ, which offers an affordable and easy way for franchisee entrepreneurs to unlock capital trapped in outstanding invoices and accelerate their growth."

"Our mission at LSQ is helping businesses conquer their short-term cash flow challenges and simplify their invoice processing," said Miguel Serricchio, EVP of Channel Management & Strategy at LSQ. "We are excited to partner with ApplePie because of the strong channel within franchising that they have developed, and the tens of thousands of franchise businesses that can benefit from our solutions."

LSQ's scalable financing program provides competitively priced lines of credit from $5,000 to $50 million, with advance rates of up to 90% on business-to-business invoices. Once a franchisee's business customers are approved, a franchisee can obtain same day funding on a new invoice, usually within 2-3 hours. As part of the solution, LSQ provides fully outsourced accounts receivable management, saving franchisees the time and effort of collecting funds from their clients.

Franchisees can learn more and get started at:

About ApplePie Capital

Headquartered in San Francisco, ApplePie Capital is an online lender that brings a new economy to franchise financing. The firm's franchise loan marketplace enables single- and multi-unit franchisees to efficiently obtain financing to start or expand their franchise business. ApplePie Capital enables investors to earn attractive fixed-income returns with established high-quality franchise brands. For more information, visit

About LSQ Funding Group

LSQ Funding is one of the country's largest independent accounts receivable financing companies. Founded in 1996 in the Orlando area, LSQ provides specialized accounts receivable financing to growing companies throughout the U.S., offering competitive rates, customized financing arrangements, and personalized service to help them improve profitability and financial security. The company's proprietary accounts receivable technology enables accounts receivable financing at all levels, ranging from multi-million-dollar corporations to small businesses. For more information, please visit

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