Nov 19, 2018

ApplePie Capital Reaches $300 Million Milestone in Franchise Business Loans

San Francisco – ApplePie Capital, the first and only online lender dedicated to franchising, announced that it recently surpassed $300 million in loans originated to franchise entrepreneurs opening or expanding their businesses.

Driving ApplePie’s momentum are deep partnerships with more than 40 high-quality and growing franchise brands, including industry leaders such as Jimmy John’s, Scooter’s Coffee, Camp Bow Wow, and American Family Care. ApplePie creates custom lending programs for each brand tailored to address the full spectrum of financing needs throughout their franchisees’ life cycle. Its flagship “Core” loan product has been developed through years of proprietary research and is designed specifically for fast-growing franchisees. The company funds loans across the United States in sizes ranging from $10,000 equipment loans to $10M multi-unit acquisitions and refinancings.

Since it starting lending in 2015, ApplePie has reached multiple milestones, including:

  • $300M+ in cumulative originations across ApplePie Core, SBA, conventional, and equipment loan products
  • Integrated partnerships with over 40 leading growth brands, in many cases serving as the one and only financing partner
  • Completed transactions in over 80 brands overall
  • Creation of over 10,000 jobs through new unit financing
  • Repeat borrower rate of over 20%
  • Diverse and growing network of capital providers
  • Strong portfolio performance as a result of rigorous credit standards

“I am incredibly proud of the work and achievements by the ApplePie team to reach this exciting milestone,” said Denise Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of ApplePie Capital. “We founded ApplePie with the mission of helping hard-working, entrepreneurial franchisees achieve their growth objectives with more flexible and strategic financing.” Thomas continued, “Our success is a direct result of listening closely to franchisors and franchisees and innovating to specifically address their needs.”

ApplePie has created three pillars of service that distinguishes them from other lenders:

  1. Unparalleled franchise finance expertise - Through years of experience in financing all types of franchise concepts and deep proprietary research of the franchisee universe, ApplePie has a distinct understanding of the franchisee life cycle and how strategic financing can accelerate growth. This allows ApplePie’s team to take a consultative approach and create custom multi-unit financing plans to ensure franchisees stay on track with their development schedules.
  2. Diverse financing options and choice - Unlike conventional banks, where a variable rate SBA loan is the only option for most franchisee borrowers, ApplePie provides a wide range of products to suit the specific needs of each franchisee, which are drawn from  from its deep and diverse network of capital providers.
  3. Simplified application process powered by modern technology - ApplePie’s fully online application process enables borrowers to provide all the information and documentation necessary to get funded fast and effortlessly.  

For franchisors, ApplePie is proving to be an indispensable strategic partner. “ApplePie understands the franchise business model and has developed a comprehensive lending program to address the specific needs of our franchisees,” said Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS International, Inc.

For many franchisor partners, ApplePie prequalifies franchisee candidates and then creates unparalleled transparency into the brand’s new unit development pipeline with online portals that provide real-time access to ApplePie’s CRM. Franchisors can quickly access the loan status of each franchisee and can provide updates that are posted directly to their CRM, where their originations team can access them. “We chose ApplePie as a preferred financing partner because they focus on the long-term success of franchisees and make access to capital predictable and easy,” said Christina Russell, CEO of Pure Barre.

About ApplePie Capital

Headquartered in San Francisco, ApplePie Capital is an online lender that brings a new economy to franchise financing. The firm’s franchise loan marketplace enables single- and multi-unit franchisees to efficiently obtain financing to start or expand their franchise business. ApplePie Capital enables investors to earn attractive fixed-income returns with established high-quality franchise brands. For more information, visit