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What is underwriting in a franchise loan application?

While applying for a loan can be a nerve-wracking experience for franchise owners, the period of time that comes afterward can be just as tense. This is underwriting, the process in which a lender puts all of your financial information under the microscope to assess the risk of taking you on as a borrower and your overall capacity to pay on a monthly basis.

The pros and cons of SBA loans
It’s imperative to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various loan products before you make a final decision regarding how to finance your franchise.
Should I consider partnering to grow my franchise footprint?
Many franchise business owners look to expand after opening their initial locations, but going it alone can prove difficult, both in terms of finances and operations.
How should I analyze Item 19 in the FDD?
Item 19 is among the most important sections of franchise disclosure documents. Find out why.
Should I take out a loan or use my home equity to finance a new franchise?
Unless you have a significant amount of liquid assets, you’ll likely need to apply for a loan. But what type of loan is best for you?
Franchisor or lender: Whose approval do I need first?
Before engaging with lenders, your process really should begin with obtaining the franchisor’s approval.
How much liquidity do I need to open a franchise business?
How much liquidity you need to open a franchise business depends on multiple factors, including the concept and loan product you're pursuing.
Important franchise finance tips for beginners
When you decided to launch your franchise, you finally took your big vision and applied it practically -- congrats! But one thing you may have neglected was a real focus on managing your business finances.
Are you ready for a franchise business loan?
Loans can be outstanding tools to help franchisees grow and thrive; however, many franchisees attempt to apply for loans before they are ready to do so.
Eliminating unnecessary spending at your franchise business

As a franchisee, you likely know just how imperative it is to keep control over all of your finances. However, it’s surprisingly easy to pick up some bad habits and waste money with unnecessary expenses.

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