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Accounts receivable financing for your franchise

If you’re a B2B franchise owner looking for increased control and predictability over your cash flow— accounts receivable financing may be right for you.

Financing equipment for your franchise

Whenever you need new equipment for your business, the best option could be getting a small business equipment loan, depending on the type of equipment you’re looking for.

How to determine the present value of an existing franchise
Before you look at your financing options for an acquisition, it helps to understand how to determine the present value of the business.
Financial considerations for franchise acquisitions
When financing a franchise acquisition, it’s important to consider every option available to you.
The dangers of merchant cash advances
Keeping your cash flow positive is essential to franchise business success, but relying on the wrong source for a capital injection can cause more problems than it solves - as in the case of merchant cash advances.
What's the optimal schedule for rolling out multiple franchise units?
You must understand business expansion obstacles when determining the optimum rollout schedule for franchise units.
What are the hidden costs of using personal collateral?
Using personal collateral for franchise loans is not always necessary, and may come with unexpected complications.
The risks of taking out a business loan for your franchise
Business loans can be an excellent tool for funding your franchise and helping it to grow past its initial startup phase.
Are you ready for a franchise business loan?
Loans can be outstanding tools to help franchisees grow and thrive; however, many franchisees attempt to apply for loans before they are ready to do so.
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