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Can I qualify for a franchise loan?
Unsure if you can borrow money for your franchise business? Find out what it takes to secure a franchise loan.
How should I analyze Item 19 in the FDD?
Item 19 is among the most important sections of franchise disclosure documents. Find out why.
What is underwriting in a franchise loan application?

While applying for a loan can be a nerve-wracking experience for franchise owners, the period of time that comes afterward can be just as tense. This is underwriting, the process in which a lender puts all of your financial information under the microscope to assess the risk of taking you on as a borrower and your overall capacity to pay on a monthly basis.

What are the pros and cons of conventional loans?
You have numerous options for raising franchise capital, including conventional loans. Before making a final franchise funding decision, however, it’s important to weigh both the pros and cons of these loan products.
Franchisor or lender: Whose approval do I need first?
Before engaging with lenders, your process really should begin with obtaining the franchisor’s approval.
How much liquidity do I need to open a franchise business?
How much liquidity you need to open a franchise business depends on multiple factors, including the concept and loan product you're pursuing.
What are the hidden costs of using personal collateral?
Using personal collateral for franchise loans is not always necessary, and may come with unexpected complications.
The risks of taking out a business loan for your franchise
Business loans can be an excellent tool for funding your franchise and helping it to grow past its initial startup phase.
Important franchise finance tips for beginners
When you decided to launch your franchise, you finally took your big vision and applied it practically -- congrats! But one thing you may have neglected was a real focus on managing your business finances.
Are you ready for a franchise business loan?
Loans can be outstanding tools to help franchisees grow and thrive; however, many franchisees attempt to apply for loans before they are ready to do so.
How to get a franchise loan approved
At some point, just about every franchise owner is going to have to take out a loan if he or she has any hopes of growing their footprint to a respectable size.
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