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How to get a franchise loan approved
At some point, just about every franchise owner is going to have to take out a loan if he or she has any hopes of growing their footprint to a respectable size.
The pros and cons of SBA loans
It’s imperative to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various loan products before you make a final decision regarding how to finance your franchise.
Can I qualify for a franchise loan?
Unsure if you can borrow money for your franchise business? Find out what it takes to secure a franchise loan.
How does liquidity impact my franchise growth?
Understand how liquidity can impact your franchise business growth, as well as help you handle any unforeseen costs.
What is more important: term or rate?
Term lengths and interest rates both play a significant role in loan repayment, but one impacts monthly payments far more.
The dangers of merchant cash advances
Keeping your cash flow positive is essential to franchise business success, but relying on the wrong source for a capital injection can cause more problems than it solves - as in the case of merchant cash advances.
How much liquidity do I need to open a franchise business?
How much liquidity you need to open a franchise business depends on multiple factors, including the concept and loan product you're pursuing.
How do term and rate affect payment size?
Term lengths and interest rates both affect payment sizes, but one has a much more immediate impact.
What are the hidden costs of using personal collateral?
Using personal collateral for franchise loans is not always necessary, and may come with unexpected complications.
Why should I borrow money for my franchise business?
Figuring out the best way to finance your franchise business? Consider how to minimize risk through franchise loans.
When is it a good idea to close a credit card?
If you have ever been in a position where you needed to improve your credit score, you have probably been warned against closing any credit cards you have, as doing so could actually have a negative impact on your FICO score
When NOT to take out a business loan for your franchise

There are many situations in which taking out a business loan can be an excellent strategy to help you grow your franchise in a realistic, manageable way. However, there are equally as many situations in which taking out a business loan is extremely inadvisable.

Common ways people unwittingly damage their credit score

To successfully take out a loan as you start up your franchise business, you need to have a solid credit score that shows you are a low-risk investment. However, for many people who are unfamiliar with how credit scores are calculated, some actions they take with the intent of improving their score could actually be damaging.

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