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Accounts receivable financing for your franchise

If you’re a B2B franchise owner looking for increased control and predictability over your cash flow— accounts receivable financing may be right for you.

How does liquidity impact my franchise growth?
Understand how liquidity can impact your franchise business growth, as well as help you handle any unforeseen costs.
Should I consider partnering to grow my franchise footprint?
Many franchise business owners look to expand after opening their initial locations, but going it alone can prove difficult, both in terms of finances and operations.
Financing equipment for your franchise

Whenever you need new equipment for your business, the best option could be getting a small business equipment loan, depending on the type of equipment you’re looking for.

How should I analyze Item 19 in the FDD?
Item 19 is among the most important sections of franchise disclosure documents. Find out why.
Tips on growing your franchise from one to ten or more locations
If your goal as a franchise business owner is significant expansion - and data would indicate it is, with over 50 percent of U.S. franchise units owned by multi-unit operators - you need to ensure you use your financing options strategically and properly prepare for the demands of running multiple franchise units.
What are the pros and cons of conventional loans?
You have numerous options for raising franchise capital, including conventional loans. Before making a final franchise funding decision, however, it’s important to weigh both the pros and cons of these loan products.
Financial considerations for franchise acquisitions
When financing a franchise acquisition, it’s important to consider every option available to you.
What's the optimal schedule for rolling out multiple franchise units?
You must understand business expansion obstacles when determining the optimum rollout schedule for franchise units.
What are the benefits of using a refinance loan?
Refinance loans provide numerous benefits, but it’s essential to weigh your options and determine if replacing your current loan makes sense.
Eliminating unnecessary spending at your franchise business

As a franchisee, you likely know just how imperative it is to keep control over all of your finances. However, it’s surprisingly easy to pick up some bad habits and waste money with unnecessary expenses.

Should you refinance or consolidate your loans?
As your business grows, it is likely you will utilize different types of lending options to help with the expansion. If you are more established, you may want to revisit your current loans and see if a refinance might make sense.
When is it a good idea to close a credit card?
If you have ever been in a position where you needed to improve your credit score, you have probably been warned against closing any credit cards you have, as doing so could actually have a negative impact on your FICO score
Common ways people unwittingly damage their credit score

To successfully take out a loan as you start up your franchise business, you need to have a solid credit score that shows you are a low-risk investment. However, for many people who are unfamiliar with how credit scores are calculated, some actions they take with the intent of improving their score could actually be damaging.

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