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New Unit Buildout

  • Build-out expenses
  • Equipment
  • Working capital

Custom Lending Package

  • $500,000 fixed rate loan
  • 6 month interest-only period


  • Fast & efficient funding process
  • Digital application and funding process
  • First location funding

Dean Coulopoulos has over 30 years of experience in finance and accounting, having worked at major Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller entrepreneurial private companies in a variety of industries around the world. As he contemplated a more flexible work-life balance, and a new source of income for his eventual retirement, Dean started to consider owning his own business.

“ApplePie helped me at a time when I needed financing quickly to secure my location and get my operation off the ground. In the long term, I think the extra cost is inconsequential and will ultimately spur my growth and success.”
Dean Coulopoulos
Salons by JC franchisee

It quickly became clear to Dean that franchising would be a great fit for his professional background and financial knowledge, and would create a new, sustainable source of income for himself and his family. “I quickly identified the salon suite concept as having a very attractive business model, and then selected Salons by JC as the leading brand due to their relentless focus on customer satisfaction, their deep knowledge of the industry that goes back to the opening of their first salon suite in 1998, and the extensive support system that they provide to their franchisees. It was the whole package.” said Dean.

Dean’s first choice to finance his initial Salons by JC location was an SBA loan. However, he soon discovered the SBA would not finance his project, despite the brand’s historical success. “When I found ApplePie, I found a lender that understood the business model of Salons by JC and wanted to support my growth.” He is in discussions with ApplePie to fund his second location within just a few months of funding his first. With ApplePie, Dean can grow at his pace, not the bank’s.

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