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Ready for a financing partner who's focused on your success?

There are many financing options for your franchise, but making the right choice is critical to your success. ApplePie understands the complexity and time constraints that you face in securing capital.

That's why we created ApplePie Core, a proprietary conventional loan product designed specifically for franchising, along with a diverse network of SBA lending partners to maximize choice and reduce the headaches and inefficiency of working separately across individual lenders.

  • Conventional financing options for new and existing franchisees
  • Growth-friendly underwriting and loan terms
  • 5-10 year payment terms
  • Flexible collateral options
  • SBA options & Equipment/Remodel financing
  • Interest-only grace period on new units
  • Competitive fixed and variable rates
  • No prepayment penalty options

Why ApplePie?

Our ApplePie Core loans are specifically designed to accelerate your growth, and we have captive commitments of over $500 million from investors to lend to qualified franchisees.

We also have a diverse lender network that provides a full host of SBA, conventional, and equipment loan options. Optimize for speed to money, short-term cash flows, flexibility, or future growth - the choice is yours.


Reduce complexity and save time with a single financial partner

Best Fit Capital

We match you with the right funding at the right time with your goals in mind

Growth Planning

Access the franchise finance expertise you need to execute your growth plan

Franchise Focus

We are dedicated to the franchise industry
and understand your unique needs

Efficient and flexible financing for your franchise business

New Units

Whether you’re looking to open your first unit or your fiftieth, we can quickly help provide the financing you need, with multi-unit commitment options.


If you self-funded your franchise business, borrow against it to take money off the table or free up capital to start new units.


When it’s time to remodel, avoid paying money out of pocket and enjoy fixed monthly payments over the life of the loan.


Refinance your debt to 'get your house back' and free up collateral to open additional units, or consolidate your debt with one lender. Learn more.

Existing Unit Purchases

Looking to acquire an existing franchise business? We can quickly help identify the financing option that makes the most sense for you.

Equipment Financing

We offer funding options for equipment with no personal collateral requirements along with several application only programs.

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"As a franchise owner, we chose ApplePie Capital because they listened, offered us a lot of options, and helped us plan our multi-unit rollout. They helped us find the best terms possible for all of our financial needs. Without ApplePie, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Robb Sackett, Multi-Unit Franchisee
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ApplePie CoreSBAConventionalEquipment
Speed to funding
No personal collateral
Projection-based lending
First-unit financing
Multi-unit commitments
Lowest monthly payments*
Available with most brands

*Based on comparison of certain past borrowers. Individual experiences may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

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