Lend Academy Podcast: Denise Thomas of ApplePie Capital

Jan 13, 2017  |  Peter Renton

ApplePie Capital has honed in on a target market that virtually no one is focusing on in marketplace lending: franchise financing. They have signed up a number of major brands, helping franchisees with the financing to start a new franchise business. My next guest on the Lend Academy Podcast is Denise Thomas, the CEO and founder of ApplePie. They have been in business a couple of years now and have started to get serious traction with some big name investors coming on board recently.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The genesis of the idea for ApplePie Capital.
  • How her family background in franchises helped her decide on her focus.
  • How ApplePie decides on which franchise brands to work with.
  • Some of the brands they are working with today.
  • The types of franchisees who are obtaining loans from ApplePie today.
  • Their loan volume to date. The typical loan terms: rate and duration.
  • The average net worth and FICO score of their borrowers.
  • Who is investing on their marketplace.
  • Details of the $180 million facility they recently signed.
  • The ApplePie Trust they just setup as a bankruptcy remote vehicle.
  • How the deal with Fifth Third Bank came together for their Series B.
  • The expected losses on their loan book. How their underwriting model works.
  • The possibilities for global expansion of ApplePie. Where the name ApplePie Capital came from.

Listen to the full podcast here